Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I log into Cisco SalesConnect?

You need a CCOID, which will give you access to all exclusive partner resources. Register for one at Cisco Partner Central.

2. How is SalesConnect different from other current offerings?

  • For the first time, sellers will find marketing, demos, training and proposals in a single place, that is searchable, with content that is consistently tagged and developed for how they sell.
  • It reduces reliance on Partner Account Managers or Google searching for content.
  • Tagging allows the powerful search function to return the most relevant and highly-rated materials from new content.

3. Are Partner Plus Partners able to access SalesConnect?

Yes. However, some content is tied to different roles or partner level entitlement, so access may vary.

4. Some Commercial Partners do not have CCO IDs, so will they will be unable to access the content?

Some content may be restricted based on Partner program participation or internal Cisco consumption. However, there will be content that is accessible at the “Guest” level, as is the case on today.

5. What formats will the mobile app be available?

SalesConnect is available on both iOS and Android devices.

6. How can partners get support?

Partners can contact the Partner Helpline at 1-800-553-NETS or Open a Case for all SalesConnect issues, from general requests to IT and content issues.

Partners can also log an issue by following these instructions:

  • Log into the app
  • Tap on the gear widget on the upper right corner of the app
  • Tap "Report an Issue" from the pop-up window
  • Complete the message by entering a brief description of the issue
  • Tap 'Send'

7. What categories of content can I expect to find on SalesConnect?

There are four broad categories – marketing collateral, training, demos and proposals. Within each content category there are content types.

  • Collateral includes at-a-glance, case studies, data sheets and partner presentations.
  • Demo content includes Cisco dCloud and interactive demo kits.
  • Training includes boot camps, self-paced content and technical videos.
  • Proposals include templates and copy blocks you can use when preparing a proposal for your customers.

Content will continue to expand as SalesConnect adoption increases.

8. What are the content formats I can expect to find?

Depending on the content type, various formats are available, including .ppt and .doc to .pdf and .xls, as well as video and audio files and HTML.

9. Will all of these formats work for me on SalesConnect?

Your ability to use it will depend on the platform you consume through. For example, it is well known in the iOS user community that there are challenges when trying to view Flash-based content on an iPhone or iPad. However, on an Android device, the content should be fully accessible.

So that we offer an equal experience to all sellers, independent of mobile device, we have decided to limit the availability of Flash-based content on SalesConnect at this time. However, this content can still be found if you would like to access it from your desktop through

10. Will all of the content be available to me on SalesConnect?

Access to content is managed through an entitlement process, similar to that used for partner-accessible content on Based on your login information, content could be entitled based on your level of participation in the Cisco partner programs, or your target persona (or role) such as Account Owner, Sales Engineer or Sales Specialist.

The aim is to ensure that you have the content that is most relevant to you in your role as a seller, while ensuring that we respect the need for partner program-level differentiation.

11. What if I can’t find the content I am looking for?

As we launch SalesConnect, we have thousands of content assets available to sellers covering the 7 major architectures, over 40 solutions and around 250 of the products that make up 80% of Cisco’s business. As we evolve SalesConnect, we will also evolve the content to ensure we provide what our sellers need.

Over the coming months you will see the content depth expand to include Services, address competitive situations, and offer a broader set of training as well as a deeper set of technology coverage. The breadth of offerings will also expand to include new content categories, types and formats.

12. I would like to provide some feedback on the content. What should I do?

You are welcome to use the comments and ratings feature tied to each asset on the mobile app interface. Your feedback will be shared with the content author for any applicable action.

13. Does it only pull content from Will it also include internal content from behind the firewall?

The most impactful and relevant sales collateral, demos, training and proposals covering 250 products and the top 80% revenue generating products and solutions will be made available on SalesConnect. This content is selected to meet mobile and SalesConnect standards to ensure the desired experience.

Any internal content has been reviewed to ensure it can be shared externally.

14. How long does content live in SalesConnect?

We want to deliver content that is relevant so content will be regularly refreshed, based on seller feedback and perceived value. Some content may be short-lived based on campaigns or launches, others may remain for longer periods tied to the product roadmaps and lifecycles.

The most relevant, targeted content for your sales needs will be available on SalesConnect. Ratings and comments will help drive duration of content, along with a stringent governance process to actively review and retire content.

15. When will localized content be made available?

This release only has English-language content. Local languages are being considered for the future roadmap.

16. How often will content be updated and by whom?

Dependent on content type, it will be updated by the authoring group based on seller feedback, timeliness or product evolution.

17. How can I submit content requests?

More information on this capability will be available closer to 1HFY15.